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Shallow Side’s NYC Debut

Shallow Side

Goldsounds Brooklyn, NY

June 10th 2017

by Brian Berson

It took five years, but Alabama’s Shallow Side finally made their way into New York City. Playing Goldsounds, Bushwick Brooklyn’s famous dive bar on Saturday night, June 10th, it was a night to definitely remember.

The long anticipated arrival in New York did not come so easy, as the band got their first taste of navigating Brooklyn traffic— with the final miles on the bus to the show taking over an hour to travel.  Arriving late to a packed venue of waiting fans, the band quickly grabbed whatever instrument was at hand and took to the stage.  The boys showed themselves to be extremely professional in not making the crowd wait any longer to set up their gear.  Quickly, they revamped their set to include a more acoustic performance.

17-20170610-DSC_9679Throughout the set, Eric Boatright –the band’s voice, apologized for the tardiness with the promise to give an extra special show.  There was no doubt they delivered on that.  With the set list thrown out, the band began to take requests and play some of their best tunes, starting out with “My Addiction”, from their 2014 EP Stand Up. Even though it was an acoustic set, hats off to Cody Hampton on bass guitar, Seth Trimble on guitar and Heath Fields on drums– for being able to still pull through with their powerful pulses in an aggressive rock sound.

The following two songs were played back to back, a cover of the R&B hit “This Is How 16-20170610-DSC_9678We Do It” by Montell Jordan, trailed by Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See”. This is something that you will never see attempted by any other band, but the versatility and the creativeness of Shallow Side takes music into new directions, breaking the rules as to how rock can and can’t be played.  Another example was their cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River”, which was played later in the set.

11-20170610-DSC_9648Other highlights of the show included Trimble’s burning guitar play, along with Fields fierce drumming on “Stand Up”, a song that really puts their rock and roll attitude front and center.  Between Seth’s guitar twangs ringing in every pint glass in the bar, and the Heath’s pounding drumming causing all the pints to chatter against their rims, it was amazing that pure, hot sound did not boil all the beer and shatter the glasses that surrounded them.  It was just that type of kickass rock!

The band closed out the set with “Rebel”, their first single from the 2017 released album One, before taking a fan request for “Into the Deep”. They then capped off the night with their version from the latest LP, the Styx blockbuster “Renegade”.

There is no uncertainty that Shallow Side’s enthusiasts appreciated what the band had to go through to get there for them, as well as for professionally improvising their set, living so true to the words of the late great Freddie Mercury– “the show must go on”.

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1 comment on “Shallow Side’s NYC Debut

  1. Yvonne Smith

    They always give it all they can to please there fans, ( friends & family ) as they refer to us all !!! Hats off to these hard working young men!!!!


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