Live Music

The House on Cliff @ Webster Hall

The House on Cliff

Webster Hall

July 27th 2017

by Sofie Vasquez

Img_4129 (2)The classic rock infused quartet, The House on Cliff, have built themselves a reputation as hard-hitting, electrifying, and extremely dynamic performers. Composed of four young men hailing from Boston, Massachusetts – front man Chad Michael Jervis, guitarist Charles Coleman, bassist Bill Santana, and drummer Marc Polit – each member is a crucial aspect of the band, that if you minus one, the band will fall flat. Jervis’s falsetto is fabulous, Coleman is a guitar legend in the making, Santana’s bass plays are funky and melodic, and Polit’s percussion is rhythmically frenetic. Combined, the outcome is cosmic.  Supporting Dalton Rapattoni on their co-headlining tour with Lauren Carnahan, The House on Cliff once again exceeded expectations at The Studio at Webster Hall. Here are some highlights of the show!

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