Live Music

Tegan and Sara


Tegan and Sara

The Theater at Madison Square Garden

November 4th, 2016

by Angelo Santoro

Set list

  1. Back in Your Head
  2. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
  3. How Come You Don’t Want Me
  4. Drove Me Wild
  5. Goodbye, Goodbye
  6. Faint of Hear
  7. White Knuckles
  8. I Was a Fool
  9. Shock to Your System
  10. Alligator
  11. Northshore
  12. Living Room
  13. The Con
  14. Call It Off
  15. I Was Married
  16. Nineteen
  17. Hang on to the Night
  18. BWU
  19. U-Turn
  20. Boyfriend
  21. Closer
  22. Encore:
  23. 100x
  24. Walking With a Ghost
  25. Stop Desire

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